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What does Micah Tyler know about Millennials?

By: Rob
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Before Micah Tyler landed a recording contract, he would spend many days wondering 'what's next?' while driving a sausage delivery truck across southeast Texas. And as a youth pastor at his church, he knew he had a passion for sharing God in fun and unique ways. Music was one of those outlets for him. But with a wife, three kids, and no strong connection to the music industry at the time, he knew he would have to step out in faith and be obedient.

Micah says, "I told the Lord, 'I don't know how to be a professional musician, but you've taught me to be faithful.' It was a daily decision to wake up every morning and stop worrying about tomorrow."

His first song, Never Been A Moment, off his debut album "Different" is really a testimony to that obedience as he declares:

There's never been a moment

I was not held inside Your arms

There's never been a day when You were not who You say You are

Yours forever, it don't matter

What I'm walking through

'Cause no matter where I'm going

There's never been a moment That I was not loved by You

As a result of his youth pastor background, Micah was asked to write a song for a church conference being held about Millennials to help other church leaders understand that group better. So out came this song that has since been viewed over 2 million times!

And check out Micah LIVE at Family Fun Fest April 9 at Washington Adventist University!