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How to have "The Talk" with your kids

By: Blanca
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As a mother of three, I’m on my knees praying that my children will choose to stay sexually pure and make a commitment to God and to themselves to stay pure until marriage.  I’m not saying it was easy for me, but my husband and I are proof that it is possible, with God’s help.

If you notice, our children are being exposed to all sorts of sexual content on a daily basis. From the magazines at the checkout lane to television programs that are supposed to be for the family, to our phones – finding this kind of material is easier than ever before.

As parents, leaders, and counselors we CAN’T WAIT to have “the talk” until our kids are older, in fact the younger the better and it’s an on-going event throughout their lives. I was shocked to find out from this interview that children as early as 10 years-old are already experimenting – in harmful ways! Lord, help us all!

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That’s why I was so happy to have on the show today an expert on sexual purity. Jerry and I got to talk to Janine Olkowski, Education Director at Mosaic-Virginia. She offers great tips on how to talk to your kids about this important subject and why it’s important that it comes from you and not their friends or other places.

About Janine:

Janine was trained in biblical teaching, counseling, Christian mentoring, and teaching. She has served for over 10 years at Mosaic-Virginia as the Education Director. In this role, she has written the sexual purity curriculum, produced a sexual integrity video, including designing, writing and editing sexual health brochures. She can be reached at jolkowski@mosaic-virginia.org

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