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"Drive-thru Difference" for US Capitol Police

By: Rob
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Each Thursday, we encourage our community to participate in a simple act of kindness that we call the Drive-thru Difference. It's always so neat to hear the stories of people paying for random strangers at the drive-thru...and sometimes in unexpected places as well. 

Today, we got this note from Carrie, who found an opportunity to pay it forward for a couple of US Capitol Police officers who were grabbing a bite to eat at a local restaurant on Capitol Hill for lunch. Because of everything that happened yesterday in Alexandria, we found this act of kindness apropos. Here's her note:


I just had lunch with two co-workers in DC.  I work at the Dept of Labor in Washington near Capitol Hill, so am very familiar with the Capitol Police presence.

As we were finishing up our meal and awaiting our bill, two Capitol Police officers sat down behind us and were getting ready to order.  I walked over and thanked them for their service and offered to buy their lunch and left two $20 bills on the table.  They thanked me and I went back to my table and to pay my own bill.

As I got up to leave, they got up and hugged me and said thanks again.  I said thank you for keeping us safe.  Then tears filled our eyes.

Best $40 I ever spent.  I thank God for these men and women that work every day to keep us safe. Thank you, WGTS too for all you do too. 

God Bless America!